The All Refresh Reme Halo

Kills 99% Of BacteriaAirborne Covid-19VirusesMolds

Used in Hospitals Throughout The U.S.A.

Refresh Halo Air Purifier

Reme Halo Air PurifierThis unit is a state-of-the-art whole-house air purifier system that is fully capable of purifying the entire supply of all your interior air. It will reduce the pollutants in your interior air by a staggering 99%, and any indoor odors will be eliminated right along with those pollutants. That will virtually make Sick Building Syndrome a thing of the past, and you can fully expect occupants of your home or building to maintain good health indefinitely. The reason this system is so effective is that it mimics nature’s own air purification process, which makes use of hydro-peroxide to clean the air. It’s no exaggeration to say that installing a whole-house air purifier like one of these, is just like bringing the fresh air from outdoors, right into your living room.


This is an in-duct UV light air purifier system that gets installed into the supply plenum of your existing HVAC system, and it produces a hydro-peroxide plasma which gets distributed throughout the home by your duct system, and into all the living areas. Instead of passive air purifiers which require air to pass through their filters, the Refresh Halo system actively sweeps through your home, killing off all pollutants encountered. These hydro-peroxides are the same ones produced in nature, which accomplish air filtration all around the globe.

Features and benefits

One of the first things you should know about this home air cleaner is that it is 99.9% effective against the virus which causes COVID-19. That means you can have peace of mind that any particles brought indoors from the outside will get destroyed by your Refresh air purifier before they have a chance to infect any family members. A full-blown study conducted in October of 2020 verified this, so you can feel pretty good about your home purification system. It also kills 99% of all other bacteria, molds, and viruses which may be present. Airborne particulates are reduced to near zero by this extremely effective unit, which can easily be integrated with your home HVAC system. This unit will provide complete whole-home purification for your residence.


This air cleaner unit is so effective, it has been used by the U.S. Military in its field hospitals to fight the development of mold. It has also been approved by the FDA and the USDA for use in food-processing operations, so as to reduce the potential for microbial contamination. Some cruise lines have used it as a measure against the spread of viruses which might infect on-board passengers. It has been used routinely in a number of schools and universities around this country, so as to reduce the likelihood of illnesses being spread, and to lower the rate of absenteeism.

Restaurants, diners, and bars have also installed the Refresh Halo unit to purify interior air systems, and keep their patrons healthy. Hotels, motels, and resorts have installed these units so as to protect their employees as well as their patrons, thus making a healthier environment for everyone involved. Lastly, the Refresh Halo system has proven to be very popular in apartment complexes, condos, and single-family homes all around the country. In short, any facility wishing to maintain the good health of its occupants has found good reason to install the Refresh Halo air purification system.

Refresh Hao Air Purifier In HVAC Ducted System

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