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Furnace Technician working on furnaceAre you thinking of selling your home? Do you need an inspection before the sale? You might not consider having your HVAC systems inspected as part of your moving process, but you can bet that any prospective buyer will be keenly interested in how your HVAC system looks and operates. Curb appeal is significant, too, but you shouldn’t overlook the significance of your heating and cooling systems.

Sharp-eyed buyers will have that on their checklist of things to check out when exploring your house. Your best bet would be to contact Froemke Mechanical Heating & Air Services to schedule an HVAC service before you sell your home. After that, there are some things you can do personally to avoid botching the sale of your home because of old or dirty-looking HVAC systems.

What you can do to help your HVAC system

All the technical aspects of HVAC inspection should be left to the professionals, e.g., any necessary repairs or replacements, cleaning, tuning, and an overall performance assessment. As the homeowner, you can do your part too. You can remove all debris from your exterior unit, such as dirt and grass clippings, so it doesn’t appear dirty or overlooked. Your HVAC technician will have cleaned or replaced the air filters, leaving a significant component of your system unaccounted for.

Even though your duct network is seldom thought of and even less frequent maintenance, it can be a significant source of inefficiency in your heating and cooling system. It would be a good idea to periodically check all the ductwork in your home so that you can find any leaks that would allow conditioned air to escape the ducts, thereby making your HVAC system work harder.

It’s also possible that your network of ducts could become clogged with all kinds of debris, which would also interfere with the efficient distribution of conditioned air. It’s widespread for things like animal droppings, dirt, small household items, and even dead birds or other animals to become lodged in the ducting for a home, hinder air circulation, and potentially cause health problems.

If the HVAC technician from Froemke Mechanical Heating & Air has identified any issues with your heating and cooling system, you should schedule any necessary repairs before making your home available for buyer inspections. Such things as replacing the thermostat, replacing parts that have become worn and less functional, and cleaning dirty coils on your evaporator or condenser will prepare you much better for confidently showing your home to buyers. This will avoid any problems with having the HVAC system nixing a potential sale of your home.

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When you’re getting ready to sell your home, remember to schedule service for a home sale, so your HVAC system can be a good selling point when talking to prospective buyers. Instead of making excuses for a dusty old furnace or air conditioner, you can be pointing to a clean, highly functional heating or cooling system that will appeal to any potential home buyers.

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