Air Conditioning Installation and Replacement

Daikin Air Conditioning Outdoor UnitWhen the time comes for you to consider your options for an air conditioning replacement or a heating unit replacement, you should give some thought to having a unit installed which can accomplish both – a brand new heat pump. One of the great advantages of having an air conditioner installed at your residence is that it’s fully capable of providing cooled air to your home, depending on which season is currently ongoing. An air conditioning system is an extremely versatile unit that can save you on the costs of having to install two different seasonal systems in your home, for your family’s comfort.

At Froemke Mechanical Heating & Air, we are a heating contractor that offers not only some of the highest quality air conditioners available but also have expert technicians who are thoroughly knowledgeable and skilled with regard to their installation. Almost any home in the region around Buckley, Bonney Lake, Graham, Sumner, Orting, Puyallup, WA will be perfectly suitable for having a heat pump installed so that you can achieve the efficiency of a single unit accomplishing both heating and cooling. So if you’re thinking about replacing your old furnace for the upcoming cool season, an energy-efficient air conditioner is certainly a terrific option for you, and then next summer you’ll have a pleasant bonus when your new heat pump handles the cooling as well.

Why Install An Air Conditioner?

There are a number of reasons why having an air conditioner installed would be highly advantageous for your household:

  • The ability to provide cooling, in sync with seasonal needs.
  • It’s less expensive to run and it’s also more energy-efficient than most other systems, so you save money in two different ways.
  • If you’re someone who has a deep concern for the environment, you’ll appreciate the fact that air conditioners typically have lower carbon emissions than do other forms of heating and cooling systems. That makes them the green alternative when it comes to installing any kind of HVAC comfort system in your home.
  • Historically, air conditioners require considerably less maintenance than furnaces do, and most of the time, you can perform this simple maintenance yourself. It will only be necessary to have a professional inspect your system every three to five years, in order to keep it running in tip-top shape.

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Our service specialists are adept at installing any name-brand air conditioning system you may have selected for your home, and we can also install any of the three major types of heat pumps. If you aren’t aware of the differences between these types, we’d be glad to discuss it with you when you contact us, so we can help you decide which would be best for your circumstances. We look forward to your call, and to helping you have a modern, energy-efficient air conditioner installed at your home.

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